Friday, August 25, 2017

What We Are Reading {BiblioPlan Weeks 1-4}

I can hardly believe that we are embarking on our 6th year of BiblioPlan!  This year we are studying Early Modern History, BiblioPlan's Year 3.  We started school pretty early and we have already slipped into week 4 before I realized that I haven't shared what we have been reading!  

The last few weeks we have been reviewing Columbus, Mary Queen of Scots, and King James. But the majority of our focus has been learning about the founding of Jamestown, Virginia.

What we are reading:

Our spine is BiblioPlan's Remember the Days Book 3, Early Modern Times.  This is new this year and recommended for K-6th grade.  We struggled a little with it last year and often supplemented with Story of the World to make it more clear for Maggie.  So far, this year we haven't had any trouble and have enjoyed it quite a bit!  It is really refreshing to just read from a single spine.  It frees us up to enjoy a wider variety of readers but also simplifies and streamlines our history studies.

Surviving Jamestown The Adventures of Young Sam Collier.  In this story, Samuel Collier is apprentice to Captain John Smith.  Starting in 1607 and ending in 1610, we follow the Susan Constant across the sea, arriving in the new world, and barely surviving the Starving Time.  Well written but the chapters are pretty long and we've had to divide a few of them up.  BiblioPlan schedules this over 4 weeks. 

Since we read every night, we often manage to finish a recommended read aloud with a week or more to spare.  Which works out just fine because it gives us and opportunity to read even more.  After finishing Surviving Jamestown we had a little over a week to choose another read aloud before dipping into the next scheduled reader (in week 5).  We chose to read from the My America series, starting with My America Book 1: Our Strange New Land.  This book nearly picks up where the other left off, starting in 1609 with the arrival of women and children into Jamestown.  Told from the perspective of Elizabeth we also make barely it through the starving time in Book 2 and finally a brighter future in Book 3.  These are short and we were able to read all 3 book in one week.

We also enjoyed reading the book Miracle: The True Story of the Wreck of the Sea Venture.  This is out of print but we were able to get a copy through interlibrary loan.  A very fascinating read that tells the story of the lost ship that didn't make it to Jamestown one year late.  Sea Venture ship wrecked in Bermuda where the colonists thrived, rebuilt their ship and finally limped into Jamestown.  (If you have younger kids I would highly recommend the reader "A Lion to Guard Us."  We just read this book over the summer and it is the story of the Sea Venture told from the perspective of a little girl.) 

For Maggie's history reader she chose Pocahontas and the Strangers.   

And Kayley is reading The Captive Princess: A Story Based on the Life of Young Pocahontas

I usually enjoy reading something from the High School selections but I'm afraid that I just haven't had time to get started!  Hopefully next week!

Thank you for Swinging By!

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