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Heirloom Audio Productions - In The Reign of Terror {TOS Review}

Heirloom Audio Productions has amazed listeners yet again with another wonderfully done radio adventure from a G.A. Henty novel!  This newest adventure, In the Reign of Terror, takes place during the height of the French Revolution.  Featuring an all-star cast, this radio drama is sure to delight families of all ages and keep you on the edge of your seat!  Believe it or not, this was my first Henty and my first Heirloom Audio CD and I cannot wait to get my hands on several more!  We were so blessed to review a physical 2 CD set of In the Reign of Terror complete with access to bonus materials through the Live The Adventure Club!

In the Reign of Terror
What is In the Reign of Terror all about?
In this fantastic G.A. Henty novel, 16-year-old Harry Sandwith travels to France where he is to become the companion to Ernest, the son of French aristocrat Monsieur le Marquis.  It takes him a while to learn the customs and traditions of the French and he struggles to feel at home but after a terrifying incident during a hunt Harry finally earns a place among Monsieur le Marquis' family.   During this time word reaches the family that King Louis XIV has tried to flee France with his family but was detained and forcefully returned to Paris where the people want to try him for treason.  As pressures of the revolution become stronger Monsieur le Marquis and Madam le Marquis demonstrate their loyalty to the crown by traveling to Paris to offer their services to the king and queen...  Knowing their possessions and property will most likely be confiscated, Monsieur le Marquis withdraws as much money as possible and places them in a traveling trunk with jewels and other family valuables and sends them to Harry's father for safekeeping.  Monsieur le Marquis is confident that while he and Madam are away Harry, Ernest and the other children will be far from harm at the Chateau...until news of a mob reaches them and they are forced to flee for their lives!  One of the darkest times in history, you can learn about the French Revolution as you follow the adventure of Harry...will Harry's new family end up on the guillotine?  You will have to listen to the radio adventure to find out!
In the Reign of Terror is an audio theater drama and includes incredible voice-overs by an all-star cast and realistic sound affects that really put you IN the book.  Be prepared to be perched right on the edge of your seat with excitement and anticipation!

Heirloom Audio Productions

Live The Adventure!
Heirloom Audio Productions offers a Live The Adventure Club that contains downloadable bonus features for In The Reign of Terror and other radio dramas when you purchase as a club member.  The website is easy to use and gives you access to Your Adventure Library where you can download and listen to your radio dramas and enjoy adventure specific bonus content!

And you don't want to miss the Bonus Content!  Bonuses for In the Reign of Terror include access to the original Henty book, online listening to the official soundtrack, printable cast poster, inspirational verse poster, desktop wall paper download, the script and best of all:
Study guide and conversation starter!

About the Study Guide:
The Study Guide is 50 pages of questions and activities designed to stimulate writing ideas for older children and serve as great discussion points for younger children.  The Listening Well section asked knowledge level questions to determine the listeners understanding of what they heard happen in the story.  The Thinking Further section encourages children to explore the geography of the region, make a french recipe (we love learning with food!), enjoy research projects, and take it deeper through critical thinking prompts.  Also included are extensive vocabulary lists divided by scene.

There are many opportunities to Expand Your Learning throughout the Study Guide as well.  They are very fascinating!  Fashion, the history of the Guillotine, people, places and specific events.

And that's not all!  The Live The Adventure Club also has book specific online quizzes, community message boards, downloads galore, activities for kids, parent articles and much, much more!

What We Thought of In the Reign of Terror:
This was our FIRST Heirloom Audio Productions CD.  They are so popular and so many of my friends adore them I can't believe I haven't purchased one before now...  I came so close to purchasing With Lee in Virginia when it first came out, but I hesitated because...I'm ashamed to admit....I was afraid Henty would be boring!  Shhhh!  Don't tell anyone...  I have never been so WRONG.  We really enjoyed listening to this radio drama of In the Reign of Terror.  Radio drama is so fun and the sound affects and different character voices really takes this a step above a standard audio book.  It makes it an audio adventure!

I thought In the Reign of Terror might possibly be lost on the girls too since The French Revolution is a pretty heavy subject and my girls are still pretty young, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that BOTH girls were listening with rapt attention and chided me when we stopped at a dramatic part....  "Nooooo!!!!"  There is nothing quite like sitting in the driveway playing just "one more chapter" before going inside!  But, we've done it!

(doesn't everyone take their homeschooled kids places dressed as a pirate?)

I can't wait to get my hands on another Heirloom Audio Adventure!  There are a LOT to chose from!  Check out all of the radio dramas that Heirloom Audio Productions has available for purchase or immediate download!  They all look amazing!

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Many of my fellow crew mates also reviewed In the Reign of Terror from Heirloom Audio Productions.  Find out what they thought by clicking the linky below!  

Thank you so much for swinging by!
In the Reign of Terror {Heirloom Audio Productions Reviews}

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