Friday, July 14, 2017

Random Summer Happenings

Well, we have had a lot of random things going on the last couple of weeks...  We have been staying quite busy and enjoying our summer.  (If only it wasn't so hot!)  We went to the Independence Day Parade where it rained and rained and rained on us.  And it was actually quite cool!
We enjoy the parade.  In fact they say that Marshfield's Independence Day Parade is the longest running parade this side of the Mississippi.  It brings in a LOT of people...  
And they throw candy and give out popsicles and lot of other fun things!

The fire trucks were LOUD! 

Back at home we have been hard at work in the yard.
We have been steadily working to clear out some of the brush and push the tree line further and further back from the house.  

We also chopped down a big tree! 

We had to try out Lamberts for dinner one night.  
It was something that was on our Summer Bucket List!
(I will share our bucket list sometime in another post) 

The girls have gotten back into building interesting creations with loom bands. 

We found this big turtle in our front yard. 

Kayley also brought in this caterpillar which is pretty sure will turn into a luna moth.  She has done a great job of taking care of it... I hope it lives!  It will be really fun to watch it change into a Luna!

Kayley also had her turn to attend zoo camp this week and spent 2 days in Animal Artistry camp.  She had a great time!

James had a birthday...  
I won't tell you how OLD he is, although you can probably figure it out.  LOL!

We also got a brand new dining room table!  
I am so excited!  It can seat 8!
You can kind of see a silly girl in the background "hugging" 
the table because she thought it was so lovely!

We are still chugging along.  We don't have too much of our summer left.  We are already in full planning mode for Back to School!  We are looking at starting the first week of August!  We have to keep that flexibility built in so we can take the rest of "summer" later in the year.  :)
Thanks for swinging by!

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