Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Our (Not Just Summer) Bucket List

We had this grand idea at the beginning of the summer to have a "Bucket List" of things that we would like to do....  We originally intended for it to be a summer bucket list, but we quickly discovered that it is just way too hot to try to do many of these things this summer, so instead, we thought we would just call it "Our Bucket List."  We currently have it written on our marker board in the kitchen.  (What?  Doesn't everybody have a big marker board in their kitchen?)  Anyway, it is pretty fluid and we have enjoyed adding things to it as we have gone along...  We have mostly chosen things that are within a days drive from our home here in Missouri, but we are branching out into Arkansas and Oklahoma!

Here is what is currently on our Bucket List!
(strike through items are completed but the links are still live!)

Our Bucket List

Sushi Night

(currently closed)



St. Genevieve:


St. Louis:



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