Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Our 2017-2018 Homeschool Curriculum Choices!

Can you believe it is that time of year already?  We will be starting school earlier than usual this year to make up for some of the travel and visitors we are planning for this fall.  Our first day of school will be Monday, July 31st.  Both girls are pretty excited to get back to routine...we did, after all, take a pretty long summer break this year.  (10 weeks!)

Believe it or not, this year I have written my own plan.
Not something I ever thought I would do, but I just couldn't find the right thing this year...so I have created my own schedules.  I am pretty pleased with them!

We do have a "theme" for this year...and if you couldn't tell from the schedule covers, our theme is Harry Potter!  More to follow with our theme in a later blog post...

Without further ado, 
here are our homeschool curriculum choices for
 2017-2018 School year!

Kayley, 6th Grade

Story of the World, Volume 3
SOTW Activity Guide, Questions & Quizzes
Kingfisher History Encyclopedia
Complete Book of US History
Book of Centuries

Simply Charlotte Mason's Visits to North America

Guest Hollow Nature
Apologia Exploring Creation Chemistry & Physics

Language Arts:
Rod & Staff English 5
Spelling Workout Level E
Writing With Skill
Christian Light Education Reading (1st Semester)
Reading across the curriculum (2nd semester)

Math-U-See Zeta

Foreign Language:
Prima Latina
(I know this is generally recommended for Grades 1-4 but this is per Kayley's request and I'm just pretty happy that she is interested in taking ANY Latin at all!)

Maggie, 2nd Grade

Story of the World Vol 3 (listening in)
SOTW Activity Guide
Usborne Book of World History
American Pioneers & Patriots

DK Geography, gr. 1

Guest Hollow, Little Otters Anatomy

Language Arts:
First Language Lessons Vol 2
Spelling Workout B
Writing With Ease, Level 2
Plaid Phonics Level 2
Handwriting Without Tears, Cursive
Christian Light Education Reading 2

Christian Light Education, Math 2

Foreign Language
Salsa Spanish
(offered free through Georgia PBS)
Spanish Workbook 1


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  1. Looks like such a fun year! I love putting together my own plans, it's so neat to be able to adjust to each child. Have fun!


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