Wednesday, June 21, 2017

What We Are Reading {the Summer Reading edition}

We love participating in the library's summer reading program...and we do every year.  The girls usually earn some random trinkets and a free scoop of ice cream.  Which is usually a great incentive for girls who read every day anyway.   (This year they quit doing all the great freebies and discounts - Bummer!)  To make it more of a challenge, each year I  typically add our "own thing" for summer reading.  A few years ago we did a "read your height" challenge...  and a few years before that we did a huge caterpillar where you earned a body segment for each book you read.  Our incentives have always varied from trips to Chuck E. Cheese or Build-a-Bear, etc.

For the last 2 years now we have enjoyed Traveling Through the Pages: A Summer Reading Program offered by Pam Barnhill on her website  

Other website you can download this cute fantasy themed game board or a space themed one! 
This is Kayley's.

If you look closely you can see that the game board encouraged you to read from a wide variety of genres.
This one is Maggie's.

It is a fun way to get the girls to continue reading all summer long.  As my girls are getting older, trips to Chuck E. Cheese just don't cut it.  Apparently CEC isn't that cool when you are 11. So this year we sweetened the summer reading pot by offering a $25 gift card to each girl who reads at least 25 books this summer.  My girls are avid readers anyway, but a sweet incentive really motivates them to keep their head in a book for a little while longer during the summer. 

Well, you know what THAT means.  I'm a girl too...  So, here is my game board.  Obviously I am more than a little behind my voracious readers!

Here is what we are all currently reading:

Our read aloud is Ember Falls-The Green Ember Book II by S. D. Smith.  These books have been fantastic and really stretched us out of our normal family reading genre.  In this series, two rabbits, Heather and Picket (with all their rabbit friends) are fighting a battle against hawks and wolves to try and bring peace back to the kingdom.  I really don't want to tell you much about this one since it would give away the ending of Green Ember!  Our fingers are crossed that we are not left hanging at the end since there is not yet a Green Ember III. 

The girls have spent a lot of time over the last week enjoying this Usborne Complete Book of Art Ideas.  Honestly, my house is currently overflowing with summer art.  

Kayley is reading Island of the Blue Dolphins by Scott O'Dell.  She earned this book for completing the library summer reading program.  Here is what she thinks of it so far, "It is a little bit sad.  She tries to go over the sea, but has to turn back.  Karana spends long lonely days on the island learning how to survive."

Maggie is reading Baby Island by Carol Ryrie Brink.  Maggie thinks it is "kind of funny and adventurous."  She said, "In this book 2 girls, Mary and Jean, are shipwrecked on an island in the middle of the ocean.  They were in a lifeboat with 4 babies that they are now responsible for."   

I am currently reading Richard Halliburton's Complete Book of Marvels.  This out-of-print treasure is recommended on Ambleside's year 6.  It is really fascinating.  Halliburton's travels the world and brings the world to his readers.  It is full of pictures.   If you can get your hands on this book it is definitely worth the read.  

Happy Summer Reading Everyone!
Thanks for Swinging by!  


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