Thursday, June 15, 2017

Republic Steam Engine Grounds

Our Library System does a great program each Friday during the summer as part of their Summer Reading Program.  Called "Fantastic Fridays" the library works in cooperation with several educational groups to bring fun activities to kids.   Well, technically they are bringing the kids to fun activities!  Last week they opened up the Republic Steam Engine Grounds!

There were a lot of old "engines" to see, many of which were running!  If you were willing to stand in  line you could get ride on the bigger steam engines.  They were loud and noisy but really neat.

The girls also had an opportunity to check out how to grind wheat the old fashioned way.

This machine separated the wheat from the chaff.

This machine ground the wheat into flour!

They got their picture taken on a tractor!

And they also had a chance to visit the Mobile Library...

The Republic Steam Engine Grounds were really neat.  They do have a  fun celebration in September called Steam-O-Rama.  You can learn more about that by visiting the Steam-O-Rama website!

To find out more about the Library's Fantastic Friday programs you can view the schedule!

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