Monday, June 26, 2017

Random Summer Happenings

We are really enjoying our summer break.  I always think that I want to be a year round homeschooler but June and July just get SO busy that we find that it is really better for us to just enjoy summer activities and some time off.  With Gramma and Papa gone for the month we have had to create our own entertainment...  

We found this really cute little pop-up sun tent at Aldi.  The girls wanted to try it the kitchen.  Seems logical.  LOL.

Kayley masterminded a pretty impressive puppet show of Goldilocks and the 3 Bears. 

Maggie enjoyed painting some "jellyfish" with coffee filters... 

Kayley has started dabbling a bit more in the kitchen and made us some great Kielbasa and Cabbage! 

Plenty of time to love on Bob the Cat.  
Bob is a stray that came with the house...
And she's actually a pretty awesome cat who brings us dead gifts often.

Maggie had a chance to go to Zoo School at Dickerson Park Zoo.  
Their kids programs are awesome! 

And, both girls lost a tooth on the same day and enjoyed a visit from the tooth fairy.   

As for the rest of the time?  We are doing a little bit of "summer school."  Mainly focusing on Crew Review products, a little bit of math, and of course our summer reading!  The girls are getting really close to that gift card!  

As for me?  I have been gathering materials and planning our next school year.  We will start back to homeschool the 2nd week in August since we usually end up taking off several times throughout the year for various reasons.  I think that homeschool planning might be one of my favorite things to do...but, I'm crazy like that!  :)

Thanks for Swinging by!

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