Monday, May 9, 2016

London Calling

We took advantage of Gramma and Papa being here a couple of weeks ago and stopped off at London Calling in Springfield.  Located off of Glenstone I have been wanting to try it, but was timid about trying a "food cart."  I'm glad we went!  It was a neat experience and the food was really good.

Not only are they delicious but you get to eat them ON the big red bus.  
That was a treat within a treat!

London calling is a "pasty" company...  What's a pasty you ask?  Well, a pasty is basically described as "a pot pie, without the pot."  They are SO yummy!  Historically pasties probably originated in Cornwall where the tin miners needed an easy meal to take with them into the mines but nobody knows for certain.  We do know, that while the history of the pasty is unclear, you can read about pasties in everything from Robin Hood to Shakespeare!  And, even better, the pasty survives to this day!  Only, now - you can get them in tons of flavors!  Everything from original (basically beef stew in a crust) to chicken enchilada!

Of course we sat in the top of the Big Red Bus!  

Served in "newspaper!" 

So, if you are in the area, check it out!  
I thought the London Calling Pasty Co. was pretty good!

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