Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Random Happenings...

We recently went to the KGBX Women's Show, the Lawn & Garden show and then, hit the Severe Weather Expo.  Here are some fun pictures of a few of those random happenings!

The students of SBU School of Nursing had a small training 
where they taught us how to do CPR!

Smile Zone taught us the proper way to brush our teeth!

The Butterfly Palace had a GREAT set up for learning about butterflies!

Kayley met the artist Peter Longley and they had a fascinating discussion on impressionism.  I was pretty impressed when Kayley pointed out that his art wasn't "true impressionism" because he mixed his colors on the canvas instead of just globbing it on his canvas.  He thought she was pretty clever.  LOL. 

The girls posed for a picture with Kevin Lighty's awesome storm chaser vehicle.  
THAT was pretty cool!  ;) 

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