Monday, June 15, 2015

Meremec Caverns {Missouri History - Summer School}

To continue with our Missouri History summer studies we had fun learning a bit about caves!  We already knew that Missouri has long been known as "the Cave State" but I didn't realize that MO has over 6400 caves!  That's a LOT!

Meremec Caverns is a pretty fun cave too because it was supposedly a hideout for the James-Younger Gang and they found a ton of stolen loot in there when the water receded...  Before then the cave was used by Civil War soldiers and Quantrill's Raiders!  Oh, and after that it was used as a ball room for dances during the Great Depression!

So, yeah...a flash is useful I'm sure but here is a picture of the girls anyway.  LOL.

Meremec Caverns was a little pricy to get in but the cave tour was over an hour long and really interesting!  We enjoyed it quite a bit!

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