Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Bennett Springs {Missouri History - Summer School}

 For Summer we usually try to do things a little bit differently.  We tend to school year round, in fact we NEED to school year round so we have the flexibility of taking off and road-schooling when we please.  We take our "Summer Break" in the winter when we go to Disney World!  

But, we typically get a 6-8 week window in the summer in-between grades to find fun things to do that are still school...but a little like a vacation.  This summer we opted to study Missouri History!  What a great choice because we can pick from a 100 field trip destinations all within a short drive from our home!

I designed our own program of study for state history using this book as a main resource and jumping off point...  (Yes, it's true...I really DO enjoy designing my own plans, weird I know!)
It has been a pretty good resource so far, it is a work text so it can be used as a student workbook, although we have just used it as a guide and backing it up with living books.  We've learned about the ancient inhabitants of this area and read several books to go along with that.  This one was a favorite! It tells the story of a little boy who pays a visit to Cahokia Indian Mounds.

We learned a bit about the plants and animals that are found in Missouri by paying a fun visit to Bennett Springs State Park. 

And learned briefly about mills.  (We will learn a lot more about mills later!)

The girls also discovered what a real prairie was like!  
The grasses are tall and Kayley learned that they are sharp!

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