Friday, May 9, 2014

Through the Deep Waters {Book Review}

A beautiful girl, born in a brothel in Chicago during the 1800s sets this amazing story by Kim Vogel Sawyer.  Destined to a life of prostitution, young and innocent Dinah could only dream of living a better life, far away from the grime and filth that has always surrounded her.  When she sees an opportunity to become a "Harvey Girl" waiting tables along the railroad at fine hotels she jumps at the chance.  Earning money in one single, shameful night she is able to flee by selling the only thing she had, her virtue.  Once she arrives, she is horrified to discover that she is too young to be a Harvey Girl and has no other choice but to take a job as a chambermaid.  Living with the shame of her past Dinah feels worthless and continues to work hard to earn her place as a Harvey Girl when she is old enough, all the while desperately hoping that nobody recognizes her from the brothel.  Dinah knows, in her heart, that no one would ever truly love a sullied woman like her.

Amos is a local chicken farmer who suffers from a physical disability - a lame leg.  When he meets Dinah he is immediately interested in this skittish girl who doesn't know about Christ, who had never been to church, and who doesn't trust anyone.  As  he gently befriends her he resolves to help Dinah find the peace she needs in order to move on with her life by introducing her to Gods healing grace and showing her how to love and to accept love from God...and from Amos.

I was so fascinated by this story!  I had heard of "Harvey Girls" but didn't have any idea what they did or who they were.  Seeing how the people lived along the railroad and what kind of work was available for a young single lady was really interesting.  The calm and gentle way that Amos pursues Dinah is so tender and sweet.  This was a great read and I'll be looking for more books by Kim Vogel Sawyer!

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“I received this book for free from the publisher’s Blogging for Books program in exchange for this review.  Thank you so much!”

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