Monday, May 12, 2014

Diary of Two Mad Black Mormons {Deseret Book Blog Tour & Giveaway!}

You’ve read the title, and now you’re scratching your head, wondering if this book is for real, right?  It is. Yes, the authors are bona fide Mormons. And hilarious, too! They call themselves Sistas in Zion.  
Did we mention they’ve got enough faith to move mountains? Well, they haven’t moved any mountains just yet, but that’s not stopping them from keeping right on praying and believing and knowing that the gospel of Jesus Christ is worth it.
Their unique perspective on their own diary entries will have you laughing one minute and exclaiming “Amen!” the next. They talk about personal experiences and lessons they’ve learned about relationships, sisterhood, standing up for what you believe, embracing diversity, and dealing with adversity—what being a Christian is all about.The Sistas’ humorous and poignant outlook on life will strengthen your faith and remind you of the joy to be found in living a Christ-centered life. You’ll soon realize that the authors aren’t mad-mad—they’re crazy-mad, funny, and inspiring!
Ok, so when I was given this book to review I knew, just knew, that I wasn't going to like it.  I'm not good at keeping a diary.  I'm not mad.  I'm not even black.  The only thing it had going for me was the fact that I was a Mormon.  So, it was with much hesitation that I cracked open this book and began reading through it.  Imagine my chagrin when the very first sentence said "Oh, so y'all are just gonna judge our book by its cover!"  Hahaha....  You got me!  So, I read on and I was pleasantly surprised by the lessons to be learned from from the "Sista's in Zion."

Zandra Vranes and Tamu Smith a.k.a Sista Beehive and Sista Laurel met as members of Genesis.  Genesis is an official auxiliary of the Latter-day Saint Church and serves as a support group for African American members, their family and their friends.  Fast forward to today and now Zandra Vranes and Tamu Smith are popular multimedia personalities and the authors of the online blog  Their radio show focuses on the humorous aspects of faith and Mormon culture, seek to uplift, inspire, bridge religious divides, and create healthy dialogue.  

This book Diary of Two Mad Black Mormons is written as journal entries either by one sister or the other and often both.  They use personal stories and experiences and relate them to gospel principles in a way that leaves you laughing and inspired.  Their way of speaking is translated into this book using terms like "check yo'self" and "holla" and their method of delivering their message is very real. You can learn more about the Sista's by visiting their website

Diary of Two Mad Black Mormons currently retails in hardcopy on for $19.79 and as a Deseret Bookshelf eBook for $11.99.  

Deseret Book is also giving away 5 copies!   

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Disclaimer:  I received this book free of charge in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions expressed here are my very own.  Thank you so much Deseret Book!

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