Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sorry to be really random, but....I am.

It is so nice to be finally feeling like I am getting back into a routine!  Here are a few pictures from the last couple of weeks...  It's been nice enough to play outside a couple of time and windy too so we have had a few days where we could fly kites!  (A benefit to having 3 acres with NO trees right?)

On St. Pat's day we made green eggs...

Kayley decided it was time to grow a beard...

On Pi day we had fun learning how to determine the circumference of a circle.  We also enjoyed eating round foods like Chicken Pot Pi and Andy's Mint Pi....

Maggie went to her first eye exam where they dilated her eyes.  That was pretty funny.  

Frozen came out on DVD... Maggie was in heaven!!! 

No children were harmed in the making of this picture.


The girls went to a fun Star Wars themed birthday party.  Can you tell which R2D2 is Kayleys and which one is Maggies?  :) 

I introduced Kayley to Annie.  She danced around the living room just like I did when I was 7.  What a good good as I remembered!

Now that I'm getting a little bit back to normal 
I hope to get back to blogging more frequently!  


  1. I <3 Annie! That movie is a long time favorite among the girls in our family; Krys and I nearly wore out our VHS. I was lucky enough to be the one to introduce the movie to some of Steph's girls, and two of them were in Annie Jr. at their school. =)

  2. Hey - I was thinking about you!! Loved the pictures. We're planning to move back soon from Ohio which is crazy that it's so soon, so now I'm going to have to retrain my mind for homeschooling in Missouri, lol. Confusing to go back and forth!


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