Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Toddlers & Turtles at Dickerson Park Zoo

It was a momentous occasion when Maggie decided she was ready for Zoo School this summer!  She is a quiet little girl, bashful and hides behind me when we meet people she doesn't know so stepping out a bit and doing something new was a big deal!  That morning Maggie said, "I'm so excited!!" 

This class was called Toddlers & Turtles.  We learned all about turtles, visited with a large turtle, had a turtle snack and did some turtle crafts.  It was a lot of fun.  The class is short, only 1 hour.  I stay with her the whole time.  It worked out great that Kayley was in her own zoo class at the time so it was just me and Maggie. 

The zoo is small but they offer a pretty awesome array of classes for the kids.  You can learn more about the programs at Dickerson Park Zoo by visiting their website.  We have enjoyed all the teachers we've met so far (We miss Ms. Drummond terribly, Kayley is too old and Maggie still too small for her classes) and both girls LOVE going to the classes (Ms. Sleight and Ms. Ives are awesome too!)

  In the older classes the kids always take a field trip into the zoo.  In the past Kayley has fed the hippo watermelon & fed crackers to the giraffes, they always hit the petting zoo and on hot days, they stop and play in the misters on their way through.  
They do several take-home crafts and always finish up with a snack!
Best yet?  Homeschoolers!  It counts as science & art!

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