Wednesday, July 17, 2013


We are finally getting moved in and somewhat settled!  Our house is very slowly coming together, getting cleaned up, and comfortable.  Whew!  We desperately, desperately miss our routine!  Things will be getting to a new normal over the next couple of weeks as we start back into our chores and homeschooling.  But, before we can get too busy with those things we will have Kayley's birthday to celebrate (can you BELIEVE she is turning 7 this year??). 

To share some of what we've been up to lately I will just throw a bunch of pictures at you.  ;)

Kayley moved up from Beginner I at Swim Lesson into Beginner II.

And Dave taught her how to mow the lawn (ok, not really).

Its been terribly hot and the girls cooled off by sitting in the water table.

Kayley has lost 2 teeth!

Maggie has become very opinionated saying such things as "I'm so mad!" and crossing her arms and glaring at you.  She would be annoyed to know that I find it somewhat adorable and have a very hard time keeping a serious face when she does it.

And when she wants something she uses this coy look that melts your heart...

We are all doing really well and will hopefully be back to normal really soon!  
Thanks for stopping by!

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