Friday, July 12, 2013

Angels: Agents of Light, Love and Power {A Deseret Book Review}

Do you believe in Angels?  I do.

Stories are told around the world of persons who have received help or comfort from someone they couldn't see—an angel or spirit who guided them or in some other way gave them assistance from beyond the veil.
But just who are these angels? Are they even real?
Although angels are a vital part of Latter-day Saint history and doctrine, their roles and purposes are often misunderstood. In this inspiring volume, author Donald W. Parry discusses in a clear and understandable way what we can learn from the scriptures and from modern prophets and apostles about angels and their missions.
When just the thought of someone watching out for us can give us hope in challenging times, to realize that angels minister light, love, and power to us, whether we are aware of them or not, gives us unparalleled understanding, comfort, and peace.

In this new book Angels: Agents of Light, Love, and Power by Donald W. Parry we learn about the role that angels play among us.  He answers any and every question you can think of about angels from an Latter-day Saint perspective!

He goes into depth explaining and answering questions like:
1.  What an angel is (a heavenly messenger)
2.  What an angel is not (for example, angels do not have wings, contrary to what people imagine)
3.  How many angels are there?
4.  What do they wear?  What do they look like?
5.  What kind of role do they play in my life?
6.  What types of angels are there?  (Everything from the guardian angel to God's Destroying angels)

Angels may be seen or unseen, but angels are there.  They may manifest in many different ways and while we often we feel like we are walking alone, they are there

Drawing on testimony of the prophets and apostles this book is filled with quotes from Latter-day leaders discussing the ministry of angels.    Elder Jeffrey R. Holland has said,  "In times of special need, He sent angels, divine messengers, to bless His children, reassure them that Heaven was always very close and that His help was always very near."  That is a comforting thought and one that Donald W. Parry focuses on throughout the book.  We learn that some of the angels we read about or hear about are unique (angels with trumpets, or angels swords, etc) and hopefully none of us will ever need to be protected by angels in a lions den or fiery furnace, but angels are here.  They are here right now!  Visits from angels are not only instances that happened long ago and they are not unique to Biblical times.  They are for today.  You can have a better idea of what the ministering of angels looks like as you read through this book!  Anyone can receive angelic communication, if it is Heavenly Fathers will, and maybe you already have and didn't recognize it for what it was.  It has left me wondering if I have, I'll admit! 

I really enjoyed this book and I think you will too!  Right now there is a 2 day sale on the Deseret Bookshelf eBook version where you can buy Angels: Agents of Light, Love, and Power for only $11.99!  Hurry quick, this offer won't last long!  Retail price is $25.99!

Rather have the hardcover?  It is currently $23.39 and can be purchased at!  Thanks for stopping by!

Disclaimer:  Thank you so much to Deseret Book for providing me with a free copy of Angels to review and share with you!  All opinions expressed herein are my very own.

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