Friday, June 21, 2013

A First Look at our New House...

Here is a 1st look at our new house.
 The walls were painted a very, very, yucky brown color. 
 Kayley's mural.
 This deer came with the house.  He is starting to grown on me.  LOL.
The house is pretty small and we will have to have a massive garage sale in order to downsize but I'm pretty excited about it.  We discovered that whoever lived here before us (renters!) had a dog that completely TORE up the panty.   They obviously locked the poor Pooch up in there.  Holes in the walls that that been very poorly patched, chew marks on the door, pee stains on the walls, etc.   I didn't do as well taking some "before" pictures so we could see the "after" but hopefully when we get a little more moved in I can post more pictures! 

1 comment:

  1. its a nice looking house you can always add onto it and make it bigger! Wont be the same with you so far away now! lol
    hope you guys know how much we love you


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