Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Ooka Island {Mosaic Review}

I can't believe that it is about time for Maggie to begin reading!  At our house we try really hard to make learning fun and Maggie has been anxious for an opportunity to play on the computer so we were thrilled with an opportunity to review Ooka Island! 

Ooka Island is an early reading adventure for kids age Pre-K to Second Grade.   Ooka Island is a 3D, downloadable, adventure that sets your child on the path to reading.   Using an Eye/Ear & Read Direct Method for early literacy, for homeschool families, this can be a full Language Arts curriculum...for parents this program is a fun and interactive way to boost phonics and learn reading skills while having fun playing computer games like the "big kids!"

 You follow Auntie Kay and her pal Zobot in the blimp as you work your way around the island building on phonics skills!  During your adventure you become a hero as you rescue Ooka Elves from the Flying Pigs!  (Also known as "Fligs") 

Logging in on Ooka Island is so easy!  The main login screen shows your avatar, and the login password is a picture recognition password.  Perfect for prereaders to be able to log into this program independently!

Zobot guides you to your next destination.  You click on his screen to go to your adventure. 

The Cave of Sounds...  You are riding through the mine car at the bottom of the cave of when you hear the appropriate sound to move ahead!

This is Maggies favorite!  The Clumsy Wacky Moving Company spilled the contents of their truck into the water!  Save the items by identifying the sound...before it all goes over the waterfall!

Rescue the books from underwater to add them to the Popcorn Library in the Submarine listening activity...

Then read them together with your pal Zobot....

and answer interactive comprehension questions!

Next, visit the Cake Factory to help the Ooka Elves decorate the cakes using your listening skills to hear the appropriate word blend...

Then, play at the Bubble Troubly fountain!  Retrieve sounds from the bubbly fountain and put them in Auntie Kays basket!

Practice the alphabet as you climb to the top of Alphabet Mountain.  Enjoy a fast moving skateboard ride, complete with tricks, all the way back down!

While learning you follow Zobot around the island but you earn free play time as well!  During your free play time Zobot will follow YOU around the island where you can choose your own adventure!  Visit the pencil playground and go down the slide!  Listen to the Ooka Juke Box and change your clothes and a whole lot more!

 As you travel the island you were earning mist and  unlocking items that you could buy in the mist mart!

 In the Parent Menu visit the Ooka Lighthouse where you can print report cards, reports, assessments and so forth.

We really enjoyed Ooka Island.   It was fun and really interactive.   It is the the only computer game I have seen where it involves sound recognition in addition to other basic phonics skills.   The independent log-in for prereaders is really helpful.  Using this type of log in allows Maggie to click on the icon in my toolbar and log in completely independently.   The graphics were great and the program, while big, didn't slow down my computer. 

 Visit the website to take a video tour, learn about the Ooka Island method of learning, view activity pages or workbooks that complement Ooka reading lessons, or listen to music samples.

Are you interested in purchasing Ooka Island?  A great thing about Ooka Island - It is affordable!
Also, thank you so much to Ooka Island for offering my readers an additional 30% off.  Yes, that is in addition to the already discounted 37% annual savings!  In order to get the additional 30% off you will need to purchase through this link:

Many of my friends from Mosaic Reviews reviewed Ooka Island as well, to read their reviews visit!

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