Friday, May 17, 2013

My Home School Grades {Mosaic Review}

I haven't had plans to track grades for Kayley anytime soon so when we were given the opportunity to review a program through Mosaic Reviews called My Home School Grades my first thoughts were, "I'll never use this..."  I was pleasantly surprised when logging into this program I discovered that it is so much more than grade tracking!  My Home School Grades is a new program founded in 2012 by homeschool dad John Echols and homeschool grad Jordan Shute.  My Home School Grades provides the user a much needed place to gather all the information for your families homeschool in one easy-to-use database.  Not only does it track grades, it tracks classes, lessons, labs, units, activities and creates a report card/transcript!

Let me tell you all about My Home School Grades:

After logging in to the program you have an option to Add Students.  I added both Maggie and Kayley....

Clicking on your student pulls up their info where you can add classes or activities.

Adding a class is simple.  Here I input summer school classes for Kayley.  I haven't really figured out how to assign "credits" but since we are in 2nd grade I didn't feel that was essential right now.  This will be much more important for High School age students.  You have the option to input grades by clicking on the single grade tab...

or lesson plans by clicking on the lesson plans tab...

Once you have input your courses you can edit them to assign grades, change lesson plans, etc...

My Homes School Grades also offer a place to assign activities:

I input Kayley's swimming lessons as an athletic summer activity...which counts as school!

What is really great about this program is you can print a transcript/report card of what you did through the year.  Whether you will be sending a child to college and need this for admissions or your child is like mine, 2nd grade...this is a great tool for your portfolio and allows you to keep track of activities and lessons completed throughout the year.

My Home School Grades is easy to use and really keeps all your homeschool activities organized!  I will continue using it throughout the summer and see how I like it more long-term.  I am a very disorganized individual and I like that this encourages me to do a better job of tracking my daughters activities. 

My Home School Grades is $49.99 for a Life Time Membership!

Are you interested??
You can learn more about My Home School Grades, sign up for a free 14 day trial, or watch the "How-to" Videos to discover more about My Home School Grades.

My fellow team mates reviewed My Home School Grades too, you can read their reviews at!

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