Monday, December 3, 2012

The Christmas Train - Deseret Book Review

Kayley loves to hear about stories when I was a little girl.  Stories about arguments I had with my brother, instances where I was disobedient and suffered some tragic consequence, or times when I shared something special with my mother or grandma.  Likewise, there is nothing quite like picturing our beloved prophet, President Thomas S. Monson as a little boy.  In this new book by President Monson you get a glimpse of a young "Tommy."  Illustrations by Dan Burr bring the story to life as you learn about a Christmas that was special to our prophet when he was a little boy...
When Tommy was a boy he dearly wanted a train.  Not just any kind of train, but an electric train that would chug independently around its little track.  On Christmas morning Tommy was delighted to receive just that!  His kindhearted mother had purchased a second train to give to Mark, another boy who lived down the street who's mother could not afford presents that year.  Of course, Mark's train was just a small windup train but Tommy eyed a oil-tanker car jealously in Marks set.  "If you need it more than Mark, you may take it..." his Mother had said.  So he did....

Later, when Tommy accompanied his mother on the delivery of the wind-up train Tommy felt remorse over the missing oil tanker car.  Of course, Mark didn't know there was a missing car, but Tommy did.

What happens next will touch your heart and help even the littlest listeners & readers understand that Christmas is about much more that is about giving.   Knowing that even our beloved prophet suffered jealousy and selfishness really allows us to view President Monson as a real person, not just any person...even a little boy.

I adored this story and I am thrilled to add it as a new annual Christmas story during our advent season.  My heart feels so soft and giving after reading this wonderful, true story about our prophet.

The Christmas Train currently retails as a hardback on for $17.99.   Don't miss out on the Special Offer included below!

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Right now, Deseret Book is also offering a limited edition and perfectly "gift-able" Christmas ornament for only $8.99!

Capture the meaningful holiday message of The Christmas Train with this limited edition ornament. Inspired by the artwork of Dan Burr, this heirloom-quality ornament features exquisite detailing, a red ribbon hanger, measures 3" tall and is thoughtfully packaged for gift-giving.

You can also download an iPad/iPhone app from the App Store.  The story comes alive as users hear President Monson read the story in his own voice, tap on the screen to turn on the Christmas Tree or make the little train chug around its track!  The app is currently retailing for $3.99!

This book is so lovely and would make such a wonderful Christmas gift to any family!

Disclaimer:  I received The Christmas Train free of charge in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions expressed herein are my very own.  Thank you so much to Deseret Book!!!

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