Friday, December 28, 2012

My Grandma and "The Horsey Tree"

It has already been several years since my Grandma-Grandma's passing.  It's a shame that I lived so far away and that she died before getting a chance to meet my girls.  (Kayley was a baby at her funeral...still very small).  Growing up, visiting her house was always quite a treat and I can recall that as soon as we turned down the gravel road my eyes were PEELED for the "Horsey Tree." When you could see it from the road, my Dad always slowed down and drove by slowly so I could smash my face up to the window and see.  Of course, once we arrived I had to, HAD TO, go visit the Horsey Tree and take a was required.
The Horsey Tree is just a funny old crooked tree...but a very special one.  Grandpa-Grandpa says that the Indians used to tie down the tree and make it grow funny like that because it pointed to water.  I don't know if that is true or not?  It is a strange tree though and I've never really seen one like it anywhere else.  Grandpa's property is covered all over with old Indian Mounds and I have a couple of awesome arrow heads that have been picked right up off the ground in the woods.

Me, age 3 - riding the Horsey Tree.
Me and My Grandma at the Horsey Tree.  I'm 4.

I miss my Grandma quite a bit.  She was a funny lady with a contagious laugh.  I remember her best with curlers in her hair...and white Keds on her feet.  LOL.   I hadn't been to the Horsey Tree in 20 years or more but when Kayley asked some questions about my Grandma I just knew that we had to go.  And so we did.

It's still there.  I think it's grown.  It was definitely grown up all around it.  Thanks to Papa and Uncle Steven for putting in the effort to clean it up so I could take my girls out there....  I don't know if or when we will be given an opportunity to visit again but I am so grateful I had a chance to help my girls connect to my memories.  I sure miss that special lady.  Go, hug your Grandma for me.

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