Saturday, December 29, 2012


After our trip to Disney, we came back to Missouri...  After about 2 weeks we were joined by Papa, my brother Steven and his wife Jenna.  Yes, we CAN all fit in the minivan...NICE!  We had a great time hanging out, so fun to see everyone and be all together.

 Steven, Grandpa and Dad...  3 Generations right there.

Steven was persuaded to help Kayley build a fort with the Toydle Kit... 

Hanging out with Papa on a cold morning... 

Examining the Artesian Well near Forcythe.

We celebrated Dad's birthday while he was here and I was able to surprise him with a chocolate cake with Peanut Butter frosting.  Just like Grandma-Grandma used to make!  I can thank my Gr-Aunt Wanda for the recipe...  Which involved a "blob" of this and a "glop" of that.  ;)  I figured it's in my blood after all....  LOL.

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