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Growing Up Wild - Schoolhouse Crew Review

Have you ever considered serving as a missionary in a foreign land?   There are many people in the world who live their entire lives never hearing God's word.  These people cannot hear about Jesus Christ without a teacher and they can't read the Scriptures until they have it translated into their own language.  It is this need that became the driving force behind the Wild Family's desire to serve a mission to the Wano people of Papua, New Guinea in Indonesia.   Thanks to an opportunity through the Schoolhouse Review Crew and Growing Up Wild we were able to witness this missionary work first hand!

Deep in the jungles of New Guinea, The Wild Family has been living and serving the Wano people for several years.  Their main goals to, first - create an alphabet, teach the Wano to read and write, share God's word and translate the Bible.  These ambitious goals are quickly coming to fruition and thanks to the creative talent of the Wild family Mom and Dad, what started as a hobby, quickly became remarkable videos that give you an awe-inspiring inside look into missionary work, Bibleless peoples, and living in a remote jungle!

There are 6 members of the Wild Family, Mom & Dad and 4 brothers, Morgan, Hudson, Kian, and Asher.  We can't forget Phineas the cat or Kopi the dog!  Together the family live in a traditional style Wano house with a few neat exceptions.  They have cleverly installed their own "running water" which allows them to wash clothes, do dishes and even have flushing toilets!  They also have solar panels which provides them with electricity so they have lights, refrigerators and a telephone. 
The Wilds spend their days with the native people, working alongside them, teaching them, and learning from them.  Recommended for children age 5-12, the videos give you a close-up view of what life is like serving a remote mission and hopefully encouraging children to become future missionaries one day.

We received Growing Up Wild Volume 1 and Volume 4.  Each DVD has 3 episodes.

Growing Up Wild Volume 1 includes:
Home Sweet Hut - an inside tour of the Wild home.
Supply Trip - how they shop, transport and store their food and other essentials.
Sun & Water - solar panels and using gravity to provide running water in their home.
Each individual episode is about 15 minutes in length for a total running time:  43:31

Volume 1 retails for $18.99 plus tax & shipping.

Growing Up Wild Volume 4 includes:
Amazing World Around Us - learn about the animals, bugs and other creepy crawlies in Papua
Adventures in Culture - discuss similarities and differences between us and Wano people.
Tribal Calling - discover how the Wild family knew that their calling was a tribal calling.
Total Running Time:  46:00

Growing Up Wild Volume 4 retails for 18.99 plus shipping and tax.

A wonderful activity guide is included for EACH episode so each Volume includes 2 discs.  One for the DVD player and one for your computer to download learning guides.  You can view a sample of the activity guide here.

The entire 5 DVD Series can be purchased at a 15% discount for $80.99 + Shipping & Handling.  You can find this special deal in the Growing Up Wild store.

How we used Growing Up Wild and What Did We Think:
I had great plans for using this DVD series.  I was excited for a "missionary curriculum" and had great plans to watch an episode and then work through the activities in the guide...   Yeah right!  Ok, so once we turned on the videos we were completely hooked.  We sat down and watched ALL 6 episodes in a single sitting!  They were amazing, inspiring, and amazing...and did I already say inspiring?  The first thing that popped out of Kayley's (age 6) mouth was "MOM!  Can we have a house like that?"  And honestly, the first thought that popped into my mind was "Sure!"  I have never given much thought to serving a mission but, wow...I really want to now!

After watching all 6 episodes we turned around and began watching them again, one at a time...working through the activities in the guide.  Love it! 
My favorite part?
In the last couple minutes of each episode the narrator, (usually Mom), says, "At the end of the day..."  At the end of the day she ties the episode together by speaking to the heart.  She shares Gods love, wonder and provision and the blessings that stem from selfless service to Bibleless peoples.  It is eye-opening and motivating. 

Growing Up Wild offers an amazing video series that you will love!  I know many of my crewmates really enjoyed the videos too!  To find out what they thought and read their reviews, follow the link below.

Disclaimer:  We received Growing Up Wild free of charge in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions expressed herein are my own.

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