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Speekee TV - Schoolhouse Review

Kayley has asked to learn Spanish several times and I love the idea of learning another language but I wasn't really sure how to go about it.  I figured I was either at the mercy of a cheap workbook and trying to figure it out myself or forced to shell out the big bucks for a fancy computer software program.  It was really exciting through the Schoolhouse Review Crew to get an opportunity to review a fun Spanish program called Speekee TV.

From the website:
Speekee TV is designed so that children can learn Spanish in their own time and at their own pace.
Available only via the web, Speekee TV is loved by children and their parents around the world.

  • 10 episodes of Spanish
  • Over 150 minutes of pure Spanish learning
  • Learn Spanish from real Spanish children in real Spanish locations
  • Features songs, animation and puppets
  • Optional subtitles in Spanish and English
  • Free activity sheet downloads
  • Great fun and extremely effective
  • Created by specialist language teachers
  • Free optional curriculum
  • Songs you can't stop singing

Speekee is recommended for kids ages 2 to 10, but I had a great time watching the videos with my girls and I am much, much older than 10!

Speekee offers a great program for homeschoolers called FastTrack. Delivered into your email or easily accessed from their website, FastTrack gives you a weekly 4 day schedule of recommended activities complete with quick links to the video segment, downloads and other ideas to enhance learning of that topic. We used FastTrack religiously and found it to be a great addition to the program!  With the FastTrack program kids watch the same video for 4 weeks but each time they watch the video clips they are gleaning different information each time.  FastTrack is included free in your Speekee TV subscription!

Speekee videos are run completely online, no downloading is necessary to watch the videos.  I had no problems streaming and didn't have any issues with slow, sluggish videos or "buffering."  Sound quality was great and the videos are well made.  The videos feature a mix of puppets, children and a grown up named Jim.  The kids go to the park where they teach you phrases such as "My name is..." and "How are you?"  In the second video the children visit a cafe where you begin to learn menu items and how to share what you like (Mi Gusta).  Colors are introduced  in the 2nd video as well.

What did we think of Speekee?
First of all, Speekee (the purple guy) is SO cute!  My 2 year old, Maggie adores Speekee and asks for Speekee (no kidding) every day.  The videos are less than 20 minutes and there are days (still not kidding) where we watched the video 3 or 4 times in a row.  I anticipated that Kayley would like it, but I never would've guessed that it would be such a hit with Maggie too!  I've even heard her singing the songs while playing!

The videos are completely in Spanish so it really offers the immersion feel.  There are optional subtitles but the videos are so self-explanatory that you can follow along quite easily...  Note that the videos are made in Spain and you are learning European Spanish (versus Latin Americna Spanish) so some words are different that whan you would hear and see daily in the US.  For instance in our Spanish workbook from earlier in the year we learned the word for juice as "jugar" and in Speekee the word is "zumo."  A few words are pronouced a bit differently as well.

As you work through the program you earn "Puntos" to spend in the Mercado.  In the Market you can buy items to change your Avatar...this is my daughters Avatar afer giving him a crazy make-over!

The first two weeks of Speekee are free and there's no minimum period - you can cancel any time.   Speekee is $7.50 per month or $60.00 for the whole year.  You can purchase here.

Speekee does offer a DVD componnet BUT be aware that they are in the European PAL format and may not be compatible with your'd want to check first before buying.

We really enjoyed Speekee and I bet you will too! 

Many of my crewmates also enjoye several weeks of Speekee TV, to read their reviews, click below...
Disclaimer:  I received Speekee free of charge in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions expressed herein are my own.

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  1. Hola Maggie and Kayley, This is Jim from Speekee checking in to say a big GRACIAS for watching Speekee. I am very happy you like it!


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