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Family Time Fitness - Schoolhouse Crew Review

Back in college I learned that the average adult attention span is only about 20 minutes.  That's pretty short for a grown up!  I'm not sure what the average attention span is for a child but I bet is is significantly less than 20 minutes.  When a child's attention starts to wane a little break or snack can work wonders.  Even better, if that child can get 15-20 minutes of physical activity it can clear up their mind and help them be more effective at studying.  Not to mention with obesity levels on the rise in the US it is recommended that everyone get some form of physical activity every single day.  

I know!  Its not always easy to do!  At my house I am terribly remiss in this area and it has been such a blessing to receive this fun product through the Schoolhouse Review Crew called Family Time Fitness Core1!

What is Family Time Fitness?
Family Time Fitness was created in 2010 by Dr. Peter Minke, Mike Hankik, Jeremiah Knopp and Darren Knopp because they were concerned by the fact that a homeschool physical fitness curriculum did not exist.  They maintain, "Exercise done on a regular basis will help with: battling obesity, prevent the most common form of diabetes which is type 2 diabetes, enhance learning, develop proper motor skills, agility, proprioception and confidence."  With Family Time Fitness they have taken the "guesswork" out of physical fitness.  No prior fitness knowledge is needed to teach from this progam and you do NOT have to be "in shape."  That is what this program is for - to help you get in shape and establish a life-long habit of exercise.

The Family Time Fitness Core 1 download includes 260 lessons.  Recommended for grades K-8, it is very intuitive and easy to follow.  Each lesson offers warm up exercises, activities & games, a cool down and outdoor activities.  A link to a demonstration video for each set is provided to show you how to do it.  Each lesson also includes a convenient one page summary that provides an overview of each lesson so you can take it on-the-go.  Print off everything and create a large book or print off only the 1 page summaries to save paper leaving your download on the computer or iPad.

You will need a few supplies such as bean bags, hula hoops, jump can see a full list HERE.  We found all of the items we needed (except for the hula hoop and bean bags) at our local Dollar Store.

You are also provided additional tools such as a daily food diary, grocery list, meal planner, nutrition log, and tracking calendar. 

Family Time Fitness also offers workbooks on their website for further study.  These workbooks help with understanding not only the proper meaning of Physical Education, Nutrition, Anatomy and General Fitness but will also help with reading, spelling and Kinesiology. There are a total of four workbooks available in each of the following age groups: K-1, 2-3, 4-5.

You can download an assesment and tracking form as well if you want to keep track of your child's progress.  It's recommended to assess your child every quarter to see how much they have improved!

How We Used Family Time Fitness:
First of all, here in Southwest Missouri we have been having a horrible drought.  Because of this, the ticks, chiggers, and mosquitos are so bad that we have been unable to go outside.  So, believe it or not, all the FTF activities we have done have been in our living room!  Thankfully we have a really large front room, we just scooted the couch out of the way and got started!

Starting out we aimed to do Family Time Fitness 3 days per week and were able to accomplish it most weeks.  The first lesson we laughed so hard tears were rolling down our cheeks.  The first lesson included "frog squats."  Three sets of 20.  By the time I did these with Kayley I was exhausted from squatting...and laughing.  It really was fun...but my legs were so fatigued that when it came time for....

...hopping on one foot I could barely do it.  Of course Kayley is a ball of energy and she could hop on one foot to the moon and back but me....not so much.  I tried though...and laughed some more.

Then came skipping....and more laughing....

We also "jumped the river"...with more laughing... 

What did we really think of Family Time Fitness?
-FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN!  Lots of laughter, lots of FUN!  We are so excited for the first bit of frost so we can take our exercises outside! 
-We discovered pretty quickly that neither of us knows how to hula hoop (I used to be able to - not sure what happened there).
-I have already recommended this to so many of my friends and at our co-op.  This would be so much more fun with more kids.
-I have to admit that after the 1st day of FTF I could barely move my legs for 3 days.  I was SO sore!!
-It is exciting to be able to have a fitness journey together!  Try it!  You will have fun too!

Ready to get your family fit?
Family Time Fitness Core 1 download retails for $57.00 or right now you can purchase the Platinum Package for $137.00 (a great value!)

The Platinum Package includes:
Core 1 ( 260 Lessons)

Core 2 ( 260 Lessons)
BasketBall Module

K-1st Workbooks Vol 1-4

2nd-3rd Workbooks Vol 1-4

4th- 5th WorkbooksVol 1-4

Home Educating Family Magazine Subscription

With your purchase, you will also receive an email each weekday to remind you to complete your activity, keep you motivated, and along with a fitness tip!

Still not sure?  Check out the free two-day trial if you'd like a closer look to help you decide.

A lot of my crew mates also reviewed Family Time Fitness, to see their thoughts follow the link below.

Disclaimer:  We received Family Time Fitness free of charge in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions expressed herein are my own.

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  1. Fantastic review!! Looks like you all had a great time :)


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