Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Kids Playing Together = Refreshing!

 My girls are getting great about playing together.  In the beginning it wasn't so lovely.  The girls would spend most of their time shrieking, "Don't touch that!" "Mine" "No!" "Stop It" get the idea.  But suddenly Kayley has decided to step up into the big sister roll and often I hear things now  (from Maggie) like "Kayley help you?" (She mean's help me...)  It's so cute.  Kayley has started giving Maggie horsey rides, which has both girls in fits of giggles and a few days ago when Maggie stubbed her toe Kayley fetched her a little snack bag with an ice cube in it to hold on her owie until it felt better...

About a week ago I got onto Maggie for something (I don't recall but it was minor and didn't require a time-out) and Maggie was sad and she cried and immediately went to Kayley and tattled on me.  I couldn't understand what she was saying it sounded something like "Waah sniff Mama..whine wah...Kayley...waaah."  Kayley of course was delighted that they could bond together over how rough it is having me for a mother...   LOL.
  My girls are pretty darn cute.  I am a lucky Mama. 

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