Monday, April 2, 2012

Amazing Animals by Design - TOS Review

Why does the giraffe have a tall neck? 
Why do elephants have long trunks?  
But, why does a zebra have stripes??  

I bet your kids have asked you similar question before too!  Sometimes, questions from my 5 year old can leave me feeling like I have no clue about the world around me.  These questions, and more, are answered Debra Haagan's book, Amazing Animals by Design.   Debra shares how all animals are designed by God with unique qualities and characteristics. 

In the story, John and Sarah visit the zoo with their parents where all of their questions about God's design for the animals are answered.  This colorful story provides simple way to introduce young children to the concept of intelligent design and offers insight into the "why" of animals.  
A perfect companion book to go with a trip to the zoo and a study of animals especially for elementary ages (and maybe even older!).  My daughter loved this story so much that as soon as we came to the end, she asked to read it again! 
Want to learn more about Debra?  (Debra Haagan is a fellow member of the TOS crew!  Big congrats Debra on getting your book published!!)

Visit her blog here:  and her Facebook page here:

This book is currently in the pre-release phase and may be purchased from the publisher, Tate Publishing, for $8.99.   It is 24 pages, paperback.

You can also purchase a digital download for $7.99.

Want to order your copy?  Snatch it up HERE.

I received Amazing Animals by Design in exchange for an honest review.  
All opinions expressed herein are my own.

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