Tuesday, April 10, 2012

AIMS - What On Earth? TOS Review

 Science is, by far, our most favorite subject in our homeschool.  Unfortunately it is often the most, least-planned, subject as well.  Last year we flew by the seat of our pants...and we ended up doing a lot of "nature study."  (Or in other words - we played outside...)  Not that Nature Studies are bad, in fact, I believe they are GREAT!  But, when several members of the TOS Crew were given AIMS - What on Earth to try, lets just say we had a great time doing something new!

Who is AIMS?
As a non-profit foundation, AIMS (Activities Integrating Math and Science) is motivated by a passion for teaching and learning...
In 1981, 80 elementary and middle school teachers who shared the dream of giving students a strong hands-on foundation in math and science came together at Fresno Pacific and wrote the first AIMS’ activity books. Teachers loved them! Students learned more, learned in greater depth, and enjoyed learning. The word spread, and soon teachers across the nation were using AIMS to engage their students in hands-on learning.

AIMS: What on Earth introduces Kinder through 1st graders to the science of all things Earth including weather, sun, moon, water, rocks, dirt, volcanoes, earthquakes and so much more!   Each topic includes a comprehensive teacher page with learning goals, materials list, background information, procedures, questions and solutions.  While this is written for the classroom (and includes management tips) it was easily adaptable for the homeschool family.  30 guided activities make science fun and easy!

Since we were spending the month of March learning about the weather, we did all the experiments that have to do with the sun, moon, and temperature.  We experimented with various items to determine what would melt in the hot sun and what would not....

We also learned about the characteristics of the sun and how to protect ourselves from the sun's harmful effects.   We also enjoyed drawing pictures of the night sky and assembling some cute little books (all printable materials are provided on the CD).
We had a great time with AIMS and will continue to use it for science until we are done! Check out their website for a LOT of other great materials for all ages!

This 137 page book comes with a CD that offers printable student pages.
(You can also purchase this as a downloadable pdf).

AIMS:  What on Earth retails $21.95 and can be purchased HERE.

Disclaimer:  We received AIMS in exchange for an honest review.  
All opinions expressed herein are my own.

To find out what my fellow crewmates thought about AIMS, click HERE.

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