Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Constantly Craving - book review

In the book Constantly Craving, Marilyn Meberg demonstrates how to make sense of always wanting more.  She insists that our craving are written into our DNA.  Cravings like, happiness, love, friendship, romance, forgiveness, excitement, free time and peace are all part of our nature and that this was essential to our spritual design.  Unfortunately, our cravings are driving the choices we make as adults and they leave us feeling unsatisfied.  The author knows all about cravings and in this books she sets out to help us understand our appetites for more, how to manage them, and how to find satisfaction in our god-given purposes.  Our desires can lead us closer to God and through Him we can find answers and understanding to fulfill our spiritual desires.  I found this book to be a quick read filled with hope for overcoming worldly desires and replacing them with spiritual goals.

Disclaimer:  I was provided this book free of charge by Thomas Nelson in exchange for an honest review.  All the opinions expressed herein are my own.

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