Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry - Merry - Christmas!

Well.  Needless to say the girls (me included) got WAY too much for Christmas this year.  We are spoiled!  Here they are first thing Christmas morning...  We did not open gifts until after we got home from church though...I know...I'm cruel!  :)
 Maggie got a new stocking this year...  A pretty dark-hair princess.
 Kayley also received a new stocking this year.  A pretty blonde-haired princess.  I love, love these stockings.  So cute!
 This year the only thing Kayley asked Santa to bring her, was an umbrella.  An interesting request...but he delivered and she was thrilled!
 The rest of the afternoon was spent opening gifts...
 Fighting over a few things...
 Squealing over a few things...  Kayley adores Diego.  She does, after all, want to be an animal rescuer when she grows up...
 Maggie is way-into Dora, so it was talking Backpack for her!

 The girls got these gorgeous aprons from Granny! 

And Gram made these adorable capes for the girls!!!  
Little red riding hood!

Gramma made this awesome Abby Cadabby fleece blanket for Maggie.  Here Mag is screaching "Abby Abby Abby!"

We got Kayley this birthstone necklace...

The best gift was the Toydle Fort.  There will be lots more pictures (and a TOS review) on this later!

Daddy was excited to get goodies for cleaning the kitchen in his stocking.  hehehe
 Mommy was excited to get this tennis racket.  Ok, just was a skillet.
 Kayley got this barking dog-toy that the cat just loves... 
Look at them giving each other dirty looks.

Among other goodies we received awesome things like:  books, remote control cars, fairy wings, puzzles, games, and clothes.  The highlight for Daddy was a small heater for his office followed by th book Brisinger (I know!  Not the cleaning stuff - go figure?).  Highlights for Mommy would hands-down be the elliptical that is partially assembled upstairs (thank you honey!!!) and the surprise Scentsy warmer.  Kayley's favorite is the fort...followed closely by the dog, Cookie.  Maggie's favorite is probably the Dora Chair although she is torn between the Dora puzzles and socks!  

We are spoiled and so grateful to Gramma & Papa, Gram & GramDaddy, Granny & Grandpa, Susan, and Mary & Jarom for sending us such great goodies!

Smells like Christmas dinner is on the table.  Gotta run! 

Merry Christmas everyone!


  1. I LOVE those capes!!! So sweet!!!

  2. Nice post...thanks for sharing..blessing these holidays from our home to yours...soraya

  3. Love your Christmas pictures!


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