Wednesday, December 21, 2011


We have just been so busy that it has been difficult for me to keep up with all the reviews and regular blog fun too.  Just to give an update, and to throw a lot of random pictures at you...I thought I would try to catch up on what we've been doing!

We had to sit and wait at Don Wessel Honda for a couple of hours the other day while our car was getting its power steering pump replaced!  They had a huge toybox and the girls were very well entertained while we waited.

 We have had fun Skyping with Gramma since she left.   The girls love to drag toys and pictures up to the computer and hold them up for Gramma to see and oooohhh and aaaahhh over.

 We made sugar cookies!  I won't even tell you how challenging it was to make "brown" frosting.  Let's just say we went through all kinds of ugly colors before it turned out right!

 I enter a lot of drawings.  I think one of my latest obsessions is how to get as many things as I can for free or cheap.  I don't usually enter drawings that have more than 100 or so people entered, but this Cheerios Cheer-pack was so cute.  I won out of 300+ people!  We got a cereal dispenser, a box of cheerios, a ceramic bowl and a spoon!  Did I mention it was FREE?  Looooove free!

 I found this cute little desk on Craigslist a month or so ago for 10$.  Kayley and Maggie both love sitting in it.  Kayley will do schoolwork in it...Maggie just loves that it is Maggie sized!

Now that we have new carpet...  we have a new "no ba-ba on the carpet" rule.  Isn't Maggie funny?  She will set her sippy right at the doorway and run back and forth.  

Maggie feeding Elmo some lunch...

The highlight of our day...when Daddy comes home.

My cute girls.

James and I made about 60 candy cane necklaces for the primary kids...  
why?  because we are crazy.
 they turned out cute though...and the kids really loved them.

Kayley has been doing some online programs with her schoolwork.  She was learning about Presidents the other day and this question popped up.  I'm not sure why it cracked me up.  Mainly because Bon Jovi just doesn't fit well with the theme.   Of course Kayley asks me, "Who is Bon Jovi??" 

The girls had fun playing in this bumper car parked at the Branson airport.  Ok...actually they pushed and shoved at each other as soon as I put the camera away.  Kayley told Maggie was was too little to drive...  haha

Well. I think that catches up some of our general goings-on.  I have several other things to update...even several pictures from before my parents went home!  I enjoy being busy, but it sure makes the days fly by so fast.  I blink and a day is over.  It will be nice to enjoy some down-time during the next week.  We are so excited that Daddy gets a little bit of time off to spend with us!

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