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Math Mammoth - TOS Review

For me, when I was in school, math was a dreaded subject.  I wasn't very good at it, I didn't like it, and eventually my grades were slipping...slipping...slipping...until my senior year in high school when I was finally shoved into a remedial math class in order to ensure that I actually graduated.  Embarrassing I know!  Looking back I know that my main struggles with math had to do with the fact that I didn't have a strong foundation to build on.  I knew my multiplication tables!  I was good at memorizing!  But, memorizing can not make up for a lack of understanding... so I didn't actually learn math until I had to start over.  In college.

I don't want this for my kids.  I want Math to be challenging, but doable.  I don't want math to be a source of discouragement.  Along comes Math Mammoth!  I have done very little exploring in Math so far, since we are barely in 1st grade...but I was excited for a chance to review this product complements of founder of Math Mammoth, Maria Miller and The Old Schoolhouse Crew


What is Math Mammoth?
Math Mammoth offers affordable, yet quality math worktexts and workbooks for grades 1-8, available as both downloads and printed books. These books concentrate on conceptual understanding and are strong in mental math. The directions in the worktexts are written directly to the student, and are often self-teaching, thus requiring little preparation and involvement from the teacher.

There are so many Math Mammoth choices!  You can purchase complete curriculum or curriculum by topic.   The Blue Series are worktexts by topics for grades 1-7.  Topics include:  addition & subtraction, clocks, measurement, fractions, money, multiplication/division and more.  The Light Blue Series are full curriculum options from grades 1-6.  You can also purchase individual worksheets by grade and topic for grades 3-8. 

Math Mammoth contains explanations geared toward the the worktexts really allow the child to complete the work alone.  Not only can they do the work independently -- they understand it too! 


We had the opportunity to review Money, Measuring and Clock for grades 1-3.

See a sample of Money HERE.
See a sample of Measuring HERE.
See a sample of Clock HERE.

What really worked for us in the curriculum is it is SO hands-on!   It used real-life stuff we had around the house...measuring water, using shoes as a form of measurment, a ruler, pennies & nickels, the clock.   Kayley had fun being up and moving around while doing schoolwork and using a lot of manipulatives really keeps her entertained and engaged!


How much does it cost?
Now here is something awesome about the cost of Math Mammoth.   It is low!  Credit cards/Paypal accepted.  You can purchase either downloads or printed copies.

Math Mammoth Money retails for $3.25 for the download, $9.50 for the black/white printed copy.  You can purchase it HERE.

Math Mammoth Clocks retails for $4.00 for the download, $10.85 for the black/white printed copy.
You can purchase it HERE.

Math Mammoth Meauring retails for $4.50 for the download, $10.90 for the black/white printed copy.  You can purchase it HERE.

We didn't get a chance to review the full curriculum, but I see 1st grade full curriculum is only $34.00 for the download.  I will be looking into the full curriculum sets for next year!

All the curriculum options are affordable!  I wish I could post links to all of them!

Where to start?
There are so many options that it can feel a little overwhelming to figure out where to start.  Here are a few ideas of how to get started.  When you open the website you will get this handy pop-up menu that gives you the option of signing up for a 7-day virtual tour of Math Mammoth.  Offering 300 free worksheets and sample pages plus emails that answer the most commonly asked questions!  You will also be signed up for Maria's Math Newsletter!

You can also check out the page on placement testing to give you a better idea of what level your child would be working at in the blue series. 

You can also read through the FAQ pages HERE.

You can also contact Maria directly using her contact form and she will email you back and address your concerns or questions. 

What we liked about Math Mammoth:
-It is extremely affordable.
-Downloads let me print just what I needed.  I made small packets for Kayley to work through.
-I can reprint pages as needed.
-The customer service was awesome!  I mean, really awesome!
-Little/No Mom prep work needed
-Kayley could do the majority of the work independently!

What we didn't like:
Nothing.  I really, truly, liked it all!  Yay!

To learn more or purchase Math Mammoth products click HERE.

To see what my fellow crewmates thought about Math Mammoth click HERE

I received Math Mammoth free of charge in exchange for an honest review.   All the opinions expressed herein are my own.

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