Sunday, November 13, 2011

Home Improvement Projects

It has been so wonderful to have my Mom here visiting the last couple of months.  With her here (and my Dad!!) we were able to knock out 3 new-improved bedrooms!   I'm excited to reveal some of our hard work to you!!

Kayley's room before:
The walls were a cream color and that wallpaper trim was kitties.  The bookcase was white with Franklin the Turtle...a little something I had picked up at a Garage Sale.  The dresser was mine since high school and as you can see in the far right, Kayley was still sleeping in a toddler bed.

Kayley's psuedo-curtains...a combo of a blanket with old purple curtains.  The chest of drawers, also mine from HS.

We displaced Kayley into the Yellow room (you'll see the finished project of this room at the end of this posting)...

We had her bed custom-built.  Specially built by her Papa!   We painted her walls light pink!  And trimmed with peel n' stick Disney Princess wall decals.  We made a new bow holder!  (see it back there?)

Gramma made her pretty curtains in pink with little purple tiaras.  Kayley's bed has built in bookcases...

and under her bed is a cute little desk with shelves.

and a window (which actually has curtains in it now)
see the ladder to get to the top?

I found this solid wood dresser on Craigslist for only 50 bucks!  Sanded and repainted it turned out PERFECT for her room!!   We also redid her closet by lowering the shelves and bar to Kayley-height and thanks to Papa for putting in trim!  (no trim in the closet!?  Hello spiders!)

Next we moved on to Maggie's room...  Her room was lavender before:

with a dark purple accent wall.  (ick!)

 In the end we painted it light teal...and used Dora wall decals!  
Love the curtains!  Also Dora!  Thanks Gramma!

I sanded down the Franklin bookcase from Kayley's room and repainted it white and used some leftover decals to decorate it.

Maggie also got a new hairbow holder...
Maggie still needs a new dresser or chest of drawers, but I am still on the prowl for a bargain.  I did buy a dresser to refinish...but...I'm not sure if it'll turn out or not...we'll see.

Lastly we did the yellow room...(the one Kayley was displaced to earlier)  we painted it even yellow-y-er...  Although not as yellow-ish as it looks right here...  Poor lighting = weird yellow...  
Anyway, we did the Yellow room in Elmo.  Using the peel n' stick decals and Gramma made a cute valance that has crayons and scribble marks...

 Maggie really liked the decals in her room and the yellow room!

The Yellow room is mostly a playroom with our homeschool storage loaded up in the closet on shelves.  All is still a work in progress...but it is really starting to feel like this is OUR house!  All 3 rooms got new mini-blinds and a good cleaning. new carpet.  We are planning on getting it cleaned and stretched so that will help some...

Next up?  Not sure.  
Hopefully living room carpet... 
the ugly navy blue/pink flower ugliness needs to GO!

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