Sunday, November 20, 2011

Bennett Springs

While my brother was here visiting with his wife Jenna, we took some time to go on this horrendous beautiful hike up to the cave in Bennett Springs State Park.  The trail was something crazy, like 7 miles or so...but, at one point I think we took a wrong turn, so I believe we went a little further than that.  Seriously...I am not in the best of shape, but I headed out anyway.  I started with Maggie on my back.  I managed to carry her for the first 2 or 3 miles...and then I had to pass her off to somebody younger, and in better shape.

Kayley easily walked 5 miles or more...


Papa carried her a bit when she got tired.

Steven carried Maggie for a LONG time after I got tired.  But, seriously, look at him.  He is, what? like, a whole decade (7 years) younger than me...and in much better shape.  

We finally reached the cave...which was, very, very cool.

I was pretty pooped by the time we got there, and we still had to hike back out (the remaining 3ish miles).   Everybody was exhausted and at that point, I think we wondered why we did something this insane in the first place.

3 miles back out... 2+ of which I bravely carried Kayley in the Ergo Baby carrier (YOU need one of these! - they hold up to 40lbs)...  because she was wiped out.
But, by then, I couldn't feel my legs anymore, so it wasn't too bad...

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