Saturday, April 9, 2011

Road Trip'n (again)

 I'm always game for a good road trip.  I think my Mom is too or she wouldn't agree to go with me time after time.  So, off we went, on a road trip, to visit Papa in Virginia.  No trip is complete without a self portrait.  Which gets harder and harder the more people we add to it...but we made it work!
 It was a rough first day.  Maggie kept yanking out her ponytail (and hair!) and was giving me the "how could you torture me with a road trip" kind of face....
 Kayley did what she does best.  Watches movies and sucks her thumb.
 oh, look!  There is my new car!
 We stopped at a tourist info center and Kayley found a bug.  Which the docent there promply scooped into a bag and told Kayley she could take it home and have it.  Uhm...Ew.  Kayley thought it was great.
 It took two days but we finally made it!  Yay!
 We saw this cool double decker bridge somewhere in Frankfort, Kentucky.
 And this is the side of a truck.
So!  There are more posting than can be contained on this page, so make sure that if you want to see MORE of our adventures that you click the "older Postings" link at the bottom!

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