Saturday, April 9, 2011

National Mall

 We headed down to the National Mall...and we were pretty excited this day that Daddy would be arriving to spend a few days with us!  Doesn't Papa look excited?
 I'm excited (look, that is the Potomac river out the window).
 Yup...everyone in the backseat is pretty excited!

There is this obnoxiously long bridge that crosses the is actually pretty freaky.  You can feel it move and shake, and of course...not stopping.  So, here we are stuck in traffic on the bridge.  Haha.
 Look!  The 'National Waste Water place'..
(Yes-THAT is where the President and First Lady's poo goes!)
 Iwo Jima Monument.  
Who knew that it was in the middle of a bunch of traffic?
 The Air Force Memorial.
 The Pentagon off in the distance.
 Waiting for Daddy at the airport.
 After we picked up Daddy...(sorry-no picture, my hands were full!)...
we headed to the Pentagon Mall where we took the metro to the National Mall.



Look, the capitol!

The Grotto.  A pretty, cool, little resting spot on the capitol grounds.

We stopped in the National Arboretum for a few minutes and we were pretty excited when we walked in to spy a cacoa tree!  We've been studying chocolate for several weeks!  (More to come on that later).

Washington Monument in the background...
 Look, here comes the president!  He always travels in an entourage of 3 helicopters.  They are going to land on the lawn of the White House nearby.

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