Saturday, April 9, 2011

National Mall - Smithsonian Day #1

 National Mall - Air and Space Museum... 
 We learned a lot about engines, airplanes and space travel. 

 The longest line we had to wait in... The restrooms!
 We put both girls in strollers this day...  It made walking a LOT faster and this day we had to walk a LOT further than the other days.
 Look.  The National McDonalds!
 James is finding his vortex at the Native American Smithsonian Museum.
He looks so dorky serene.
 Shadow puppets.
 The ceiling of the Native American Museum.
 Gramma and Papa!
 Look closely...You can see Papa and Maggie waiting for us on the first floor.
 The Mayan calendar.  I'm not sure which one signifies the end of the world...but in my opinion...a circle is a ring without an end or a beginning.  So...I'm not sure if the world is really going to end...or just start over.  What do you think?
 Washington Monument.
 The White House off in the distance.
 The Vietnam Memorial.
 Lincoln Memorial.

 Korean War Memorial.
 Kayley asked Papa..."What are they doing?"
Really.  How do you explain War to a child?  
There is NO way it could even make sense in the eyes of the innocent.
It doesn't even make sense to me.

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