Monday, April 25, 2011

Chocolate Unit Study

 While on vacation we completed a unit study on Chocolate!  
We read several chocolate themed story books...
 And a book about Milton Hershey and an interesting picture book about how chocolate is made. 
 We saw a honest-to-goodness Cacao tree while at the National Museum!
 Then went on the ultimate fieldtrip to Hershey!

 We created our own Candy bar in the Hershey Innovation Center

 We even designed our own label
 Then we waited in line...
 To package our own Hershey Kisses!
 The streetlights in Hershey look like kisses!
 Up the airy mountain...down the rushing glen...  You see - nobody ever goes in...and nobody ever comes out!!  Ok, so this isn't Wonka's factory, but a chocolate factory was a great adventure!!

Kayley's completed lapbook.

We also made chocolate suckers and listed to Roald Dahl's Charlie and The Chocolate Factory on our trip.  (The audio book is narrated by Eric Idle and was fantastic!)
 We completed an M& M graph and discovered that there are more Orange M & Ms and less Brown.

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  1. what a fun unit study. I need to do this kind of unit study each week. lol maybe on mine I can add statistics or something so the older kids can consider it real school work. LOL


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