Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patricks Day Unit Study Finale

We ended up lumping the last few St. Patrick's Day activities together because we got so busy!  Here are the last 3 days of our unit study.

Day 10.  Ceili for my Kayley...
A Ceili (pronounced Kayley) is a traditional irish dance party.  Fun to do and good exercise!   (Yes Kayley -- YOU are named after an irish dance party!)

Some more Gaelic words:
Gaelic                      Traditional Irish Language
Ceili                         Irish Dance Party
Feis                          Irish Dance Competition
Erin go Bragh          Ireland Forever!
Sláinte                     Health (to you!)

We watched some Riverdance and learned some dance steps with Mommy while listening to Celtic music!

Day 11.  Irish in America
In the mid 1800s life in Ireland was VERY hard.  Many people relied on their potato crop for their survival...and at this time, there was a blight (a sickness) on their potatoes and there were no good potatoes for a very long time.  People couldn't pay for their homes, they were hungry and didn't know what to do.

Many Irish came to America to try to make a better life.  America was called "the land of opportunity". 

Read:   Small Beauties: the journey of Darcy Heart O'Hara / by Elvira Woodruff  (grab a tissue becaue it is a tear-jerker. 

Day 12.   St. Patty's Day foooood!
There are a lot of yummy traditional food associated with St .Patricks Day.

Corned Beef & Cabbage-yummy meal that was probably bacon...but corned beef was cheaper for the Irish-American immigrants after they arrived in America.

Irish Soda Bread-a delicious bread that uses baking soda instead of yeast also cheaper than buying yeast for the immigrants.

Make a traditional Irish Dinner, complete with green jello? while listening to celtic music!!

We are cooking our Corned Beef in the crock pot right now!  It smells so good!  We are also making potato pancakes, cabbage and Irish soda bread!  YUM!  For Dessert - GREEN cupcakes!

We really enjoyed completing this Unit Study! 
Up Next:  A unit study on CHOCOLATE!!!  Whoo hoo!


  1. Such fun! Do you come up with the lap boards yourself, or is there a cool link I need to know about? I'm going to home school "for real" over summer break this year. We always do some sort of thematic units, but I want to be more "school-y" this time!

  2. Hey thanks for all these St. Patrick's day posts. I used some of the ideas and books for the preschool group i rotate teaching! Fun ideas....though Kayley I'm sure learned MUCH more than my little ones did in just a short morning.


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