Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I haven't blogged much lately, I know! Sorry!
I have been thinking a lot lately about the necessity of changing our blog name.
I originally started this blog when we began the adoption process as a way to help birth families get to know us...of course, back then, we only had Kayley. And giving the blog our names allowed birthfamilies to google our names and find us...(since we were not allowed to put blog addresses on our profile!)

Now we have Maggie...and of course...
JamesStephanieKayley.blogspot... doesn't include Maggie.

I'm having a really rough time coming up with a new blog name.
And I'm really worried about what is going to happen to my followers and other readers who check in more infrequently?

Either way, I think the time of transition is here and the change will happen in the next few weeks. Many of you I can email, but many of you I cannot, since I don't know your email!
A lot of you too I am friends with on Facebook, but...not everybody.

If you want to make sure you get the new address and we are NOT friends on FB or we don't email, please leave a comment and send me your email...
or email us at
(ugh--another thing that needs to be changed!)

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  1. I changed mine a few years ago to better suit our family. I can't remember everything about the process, but actually, it was pretty simple. I do know I didn't loose anything on my blog. The hardest part was finding a new name. I would think of a name and then do a search for it ending in I couldn't believe how many of those were already taken! I finally found one that wasn't. I think I posted a day or two ahead of time what my new address would be, if no one else took it in the next two days. Then I just changed it. Of if you are worried some wicked person will see you mention the blog you want and then takes it, just post, that on this date at this time, I am going to change my address. Email me for the new one.


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