Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Kansas City

We had a great weekend trip to Kansas City to drop off Gramma at the airport. We drove up early Saturday morning, dropped off Gramma, then headed downtown for a fun-filled adventure!

First, we checked in at our hotel. We stayed at the Hyatt at Crown Center. VERY, very pretty hotel with a great view of the Kansas City skyline. (I sat up late on Saturday night and watched the skyline for a long beautiful, better even than fireworks.)

From they Hyatt you can catch " the Link", which is a covered walkway that takes you over to Crown Center! It was pretty neat, Kayley thought it was really cool to walk OVER the street.

When we got to Crown Center we headed straight to Fritz's Railroad Restaurant! The food is delivered by an overhead train to your table, the kids get cool conductor hats, and there are train displays throughout. The food wasn't great (pretty inexpensive too), but the atmosphere was fun. I'd recommend it to anybody with little kids.

So, from there we headed over to Hallmark and took a tour and hung out at Kaleidoscope. At Kaleidoscope the kids can do unlimited craft projects for FREE! All the materials are provided by Hallmark.
(Making a puzzle)

The Hallmark tour was pretty interesting for us, but horrendously boring for Kayley and Maggie. We did learn how they make greeting cards and package bows!

After Hallmark we headed over to Crayola to learn about Crayons and how they were made. We were bummed that the equipment was already turned off for the day... But, we did get to explore little known facts about Crayola Crayons!
We ended our day with a walk over to Union Station where we found this dead guy playing the piano. While we were there we also walked through the Kansas City Rail experience, but no photography allowed so no pics of that. It was a HUGE mini-railway display that I would totally recommend, again, to anybody with little kids. And, it was also totally FREE!

The next morning we had thought to visit the Zoo at Swope Park, but it was SO cold! So we took a detour and headed off to Liberty and Independence to visit church history sites instead. We stopped off at the visitors center in Independence where we were greeted so sweetly by a sister missionary who convinced Kayley to sing "I am a Child of God" with her...
We played for a while in the childrens area...

Then we headed over to Liberty Jail...where none of my pictures turned out. LOL. We loaded back up in the car....

Then drove over to see the new temple site. Coming right along!

We ended our trip by hitting Panda Express! And Andys. It was a fun, fun weekend!!!

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  1. I LOVE KC! I went with friends back in February. Have you been to the marble factory??? So much fun!

    My pictures of Liberty Jail didn't turn out either. The way it's set up requires a wide angle lens and I haven't managed to squeeze that in my spending budget yet.

    Lots likes a super fun day!


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