Saturday, June 19, 2010


Ok. So, I know with all of these blog postings I make it look like we do so much amazing stuff over the summer... And the truth is: We do. And we do this kind of stuff all year round too. Come hang out with me and we'll go places!

Here is Kayley petting the worlds softest animal. A chinchilla!

Oh, there is Maggie...hanging out on the floor while Kayley does art projects at the ZEBRA class at Dickerson Park Zoo.... Give it time, Maggie can start classes at 2 years old!!
Kayley working on a stamp art project.
Maggie in the car seat...for no reason other than...she looked pretty cute.
Some amazingly weird clouds on the way to the zoo.
I heard that this is an all new cloud formation and they just added it to
the weather atmospheric official book.
(or something like that).

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