Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Springfied Cardinals Game

We were lucky to go to the Springfield Cardinals game last night courtesy of St. John's!
We got to hang out in the St. John's box suite...where we honked down hot dogs, nacho's and hot wings (yup~ for FREEEE~). The game was great...but it was kind of cold and windy. We got a couple of free souvenir baseball bats and we even "caught" a ball. (More like screeched and ducked...THEN picked up the ball...lol!) It was pretty fun!


  1. kay and I were just talking last week and wondering when his company will get their box seat tickets- its always fun! glad you got out together!

  2. I LoVe the cards!! Yay! So happy ya'll got to have such a fabulous experience!

    I'm spending the biggest part of my summer in Missouri. It's my other home!


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