Sunday, February 21, 2010

Discovery Center

We headed downtown to the Discovery Center on Friday afternoon to check it out!

Kayley was really excited to be there!
They had a lot of really cool science projects for the kids to do inside.
We had a lot of fun...
Of course no trip would be complete without the self portrait. The mirror didn't work so well, but I was able to get Maggie in the pic too...
Kayley's hair standing up! There was a video of this at the end of the blog posting but for whatever reason, I cannot get the vids to upload tonight?
Kayley looking through the giant pupil!

Story time with a few other kids.Getting a drink from the toilet drinking fountain.
Brushing ginormous teeth.
Spinning things on the turn table. This guy was really entertaining.
I have a video of this table at the but I can't get it to upload tonight, it was really one of Kayley's favorites.

1 comment:

  1. I wanna go there! Really!!

    So glad that ya'll had a fabulous family day.


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