Monday, December 7, 2009

Cocoa Beach & Misc pics

Here are a handful of misc pics from our Orlando trip.
We went to Cocoa Beach our first night in Florida.
It was a gorgeous beach.
And chilly/windy.

Kayley collected about 30 shells for her "shell correction."
And yes, she fell in the water. Which was frigid. She started crying and I thought for sure she had a jellyfish or something down her shirt. I started freaking out and stripped her naked right there on the beach. Nope, she was just cold-no jellyfish...we wrapped her up in Papa's jacket and carried her back to the room.
Soaked...this was before she realized that the water was VERY cold.
Later on we drove down and saw the Disney Magic (or was it the Disney Wonder?) parked, waiting for guests to arrive. I would LOOOOVE to go on the Disney Cruise! Wouldn't you?
Port Canaveral on the Horizon. No space shuttle parked there today.
Aaahhh... Love, love, love Orlando.
Where else can you go find disney merchandise for super cheap in a tent?
Our time share in Orlando.
The pool. Wow!
Kayley was very sad when it was time to get out of the pool.
Uncle Steven & Aunt Jenna at the airport.
Kayley enjoyed wearing her various disney costumes.
Kayley and Uncle Steven spending some quiet time together.
Aunt Jenna bought Kayley this Bindi doll.
I love her.
Modest clothing, no skewed body image, and a postive message.
She says things like, "Crikey! and "I love my family."
and "Lets go save the rainforest!"
Her shirt reads, "Extinct Stinks."
The Lego store...
Lego's in every shape and color. Wow!
And every little lego person ever made is hanging on the wall behind the register. See the magnifiying glass above the guys head? It gives you a closer look at whats back there.
Oh, the night we went to Marketplace to do our shopping, the rental mini-van's key fob wouldn't open the door. We were trapped and had to take a taxi home.
We rode back to the timeshare with a very cranky Jamaican taxi-driver.
They dropped us off at the door though and a bell-hop guy put us in a "stretch golf cart" and drove us to our building. It had a rain canopy that zipped. Kayley thought riding in the "zippy car" was awesome!
The next morning we called Daddy from the
airport and told him we were headed home!

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  1. We've been to Cocoa beach. We went in February and it was cold and windy, too. The seagulls were fun to watch though. They would swoop right over our heads and snatch our food right out of the air - that was awesome! We liked the west coast beach better - plus we got to watch the sunset from over there. Looks like a great trip!


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