Monday, December 7, 2009

AirTran Airways...

I wanted to do a quick posting to talk about AirTran Airways. I had never flown AirTran before, in fact, I had never even heard of them until this trip, but with the opening of the Branson airport we thought we'd give them a try.
First of all, the new Branson airport is awesome! Gorgeous, tiny and the people were all very friendly. We flew on a tiny little airplane. You had to walk outside on the tarmac then up a ramp to get on the plane. Very adventurous!

As we taxi'ed out of the Branson was incredible. Everybody who had worked with us at the gate, like the "ticket taker" lady, the guy who "has the orange sticks", the dude who took our stroller and put it "in the trunk", the guy who put the fuel in the plane, etc... Anyway, all of those people lined up on the tarmac and WAVED at us as we pulled away. It was awesome! Kayley was frantically waving at them through the airplane window. It was such a nice personal.
Flying with AirTran was a great experience and I'd totally recommend them anytime.
Oh, and don't forget your CARES aviation restraint 5point system for kids. MUCH better than traveling with a carseat on the plane and much safer than just a lapbelt for toddlers.

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