Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009: A Time-Space Oddity...

2009: A Time-Space Oddity
Or in other words: A year in Review
(enjoy these candid pics of the highlights from our year!)

We started out the year with Kayley getting her very first haircut!
We also had a fun time feeding stingrays at Stingray Bay...
We started the zoo preschool programs! They were too fun!
We visited the Wildlife World Zoo & Aquarium...
Kayley was fully potty-trained and she started Big Girl Preschool!James and I went to see Cavalia (it was SO awesome!)
We enjoyed our Farm, Food & Fun Programs at the Zoo!
We got to pet this huge horse at WestWorld's Wild West Days.
We made our first trip to the Dentist!
We got up close and personal with a monarch at the Butterfly Pavilion!
We fed the fish at Bennett Springs with Gramma and Papa!
We made a trip to Silver Dollar City!
We flew to Missouri for some job interviews with Daddy...
we rode this awesome shuttle at DFW!
We had a fun time visiting the GrandCanyon
w/Grandpa-grandpa, Aunt Sherry,
Uncle Danny, Cousin Pete and Gramma!
Mom and I saw how the West was won when
we visited Tombstone, The OK Corral and Boothill!
We saw the world largest crochet project...
(I don't know why...we just did because it was there...hahah)
We took Kayley to her first movie! We saw UP!
We celebrated our 7th Anniversary at the Sugar Bowl.
We dug for Gold at Goldfield GhostTown...
We visited the Botanical Garden with Gram & Gramdaddy!
Kayley made her first best friend!
(They are too stinkin' cute!)James Graduated from his residency!We went to the Circus!
We had a neat time at the Heard Museum.
Daddy's Birthday culminated in this luscious PBJ sandwich.
We went to the Phoenix Children's Museum!
Kayleys 3rd birthday party at ChuckE.Cheese!
My birthday (also at ChuckE.Cheese!)
We bought a house!We went to the Ozark Empire Fair (where I kicked butt at this game and won Kayley this awesome Pink Dog!)We hung out in Hawaii...NOT!
Kayley splashed in Lake Tahoe!Met the devastatingly handsome Marc Martinez from Fox10 News!
Visited Hall of Flame!
Played in the Zoo splash pad!
We explored the Sonoran Desert (boy was it hot!)
We moved!
We drove for 3 days from Arizona to Missouri...
Thanks Grandma for your help!
We Got our kicks on Route 66...
made another Trip to SDC...
dressed as Goldilocks for Halloween...
Played in leaves...
(yes, another first!)
And made ANOTHER trip to SDC...
took Kayley's first trip to DisneyWorld...
We watched Kayley in her first Preschool Program...
Our First Snow...

What does the future hold for us?
Well...we'll just have to wait and see!
I have a feeling that big things are in store for us this year!
Happy 2010!


  1. Dang you guys were busy this year!!!! Love the pictures! Sierra had to look at them with me! She says "oh mom Kayley is soo cute!"

  2. So happy that we have became a part of your family again, although you were never gone from our hearts. Our thoughts and prayers travel with you as you start a possible new adventure with a new addition to your family.

  3. the potty seat on her head is my favorite photo I laughed myself sick!


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