Monday, November 23, 2009

A Blessing From Above...

A Blessing From Above by Patti Henderson.
"Once upon a time there lived a mother kangaroo who had an empty pouch," begins this earnest tale of adoption, the first by the author (the mother of two adopted sons) and the artist (an adoptee). As Momma-Roo sits under a tree, imagining what it would be like to show her own little one the sights and sounds of the forest, a baby bluebird tumbles out of a crowded nest and falls into her pouch. The mother bluebird "knew her nest was not big enough for all her chicks," and is glad to let an elated Momma-Roo have the tiniest nestling. Momma-Roo and Little One frolic in the forest, and every night they "thank God for all their blessings... especially for each other."

I bought this book from Amazon a few months ago.
It has very mixed reviews and I am a little mixed on it myself.

The circumstance of the mother bird being "delighted" to have a chick for which she has no room adopted is questionable and the story does not focus on the baby bird being adopted, but on the just the adoptive mother and her desires to have a child. I felt sorry for that baby bird that he just got shoved out of the nest. :(

I read it ahead of time to make sure it was ok and
then Kayley and I read it together.
She was pretty indifferent to the story,
but then again, she is only 3.

I thought it was cute. It is VERY simple.
If you are looking for a book that helps your child understand that it is because their birthmom loved them that they chose adoption, you will not find it in this story.
If you want a cute read, that makes a parallel to adoption,
and shows an adoptive mothers love,
then this book is a good choice.


  1. Hey lady! I love reading your blog....and love all the adoption books you have found! I am going to buy them asap....I was trying to find cutie books for Christmas! Hope you are loving it there! Kayley is so pretty, I mean guys are in trouble :)

  2. Hi. I am also an adoptive mom and we have this book. It was a gift from a friend.

    I guess I found your blog thru a 'troll'. Never knew what to call them!
    This week,I recieved my first ever mean, hateful comments from those who are angry, hurt, and bitter over thier adoption situations.
    It blew me away! Have considered going private invite only with my blog but, I know that I have touched others positively with my story!
    UGH! Makes me so mad!

    Your blog is beautiful. Stop by mine and meet me and the beautiful family that God has woven together and bless me with! Prayers to you as you wait on your next child!


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